Ivan Chai Tea Ceremony

Tea is a big part of Russian culture. That hot drink conquered Russians’ hearts several decades ago, becoming inseperable part of their everyday life. There are hundreds of different teas, as well as drinking habits nowadays, but we offer the traditional samovar tea version with brew (zavarka), enrichment of water with oxygen and boiled sugar (old-believers sweet). All this is done by slurping the tea from saucer and introducing local traditions.


TEA CEREMONY – 6 euros per person (includes tea, old-believers’ sweet and introduction of manners).


The ancient fireweed tea ceremony, also known as the Ivan Chai tea brewing ritual, takes place either outdoors with a samovar heated by cones, or in the museum with an electric samovar. The ceremony is led by an instructor wearing a headscarf required by local custom. Barankas, cookies and boiled sugar are served. The instructor shall teach you the local ways – starting from how to hold the saucer, how to serve yourself boiled sugar and how to sip tea out loud from your saucer. Next to tea, we’ll talk about drinking culture – the history, importance and healing qualities of fireweed and the making of boiled sugar and kalganovka.

Number of participants: 5 – 50 people, larger groups will have 2 instructors.

Time: ~1 hour

Drinking of tea

Old Believers´sweets

Tea Ceremony